"Hi, I am the proud owner of Velocity Designs - Bringing The Web together Ltd. As a web master, graphic designer & business developer i spend most of my time online, i always loved how technology has grew so rapidly and what we are now capable of doing by uniting the worlds of technology with reality. However not everyone is as blessed to understand how economies as-well as countries & unions are are developing themselves by using such technological advantages.  As a business owner I don't want to see the rich becoming more rich and the poor becoming more poor my values and beliefs have taught me that EVERYONE DESERVES AN EQUAL CHANCE!! The only solution to this problem however is to educate children in third world countries in order for them to grow up and develop their communities & countries with the technological education gained. This will help grow the economy, produce more jobs with higher salaries, benefit the country within as well as give them a opportunity to trade globally online. Im very passionate in spreading this knowledge that i have learnt after successfully running an established business of my own within the uk for the past 10 years, these children living in third world countries according to statistics have 3/60 of the average education a child living within the UK would receive for FREE, where as for the little education children in third world countries receive they would have to be PAYED for. Help me as well as my business help the world lets educate children of the world!!" - Mr Imran Khan Chief Website Designer & CEO Of Velocity Designs - Bringing The Web Together Ltd

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